Do U.S. Democrats Have a Better China Strategy?

Greetings from Hong Kong. Alan noted in this space yesterday that the proposition cooperative economic relations between the United States and China must be preserved is an idea that enjoys scant support in America. That’s a crucial observation, not least because it applies to U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle. President Trump recently […]

Picks of the Week from the Daily Kos Community, Sept. 7 (and a Community conversation)

Greetings, dearest Daily Kos Community, and welcome to another illustrious installment of Picks of the Week! The bleed from August into September is always one of my favorite times of year, because for some reason, so many of the most significant milestones of my life fall within that range. As a direct result of that constant barrage of good memories, my joy tends to be endless, unstoppable, and, if I’m lucky, contagious. I even made a new anniversary in this same time period (or so I thought)—I created my first series on Daily Kos!  Then I realized that’s not true at all! THIS is my first series! Which got me thinking—wasn’t the anniversary of POTW coming up soon? Wrong again. Picks of the Week actually turned debuted on Aug. 18, 2018!


That brings me to the this week’s discussion:

Tell me what inspired YOU to write your first diary or comment on Daily Kos! I know a lot of people start out as lurkers, with and without signing up. But what turns a lurker into an active participant? As someone who’d long read the site, but never signed up until I was hired (in a different time of year entirely), I’d love to hear how it happened for you.

Really looking forward to this conversation, but now it’s time for this week’s picks! There’s some great stuff here!

Trump, Mass Killings, Deaths of Despair: All Expressions of a Nihilistic Impulse?

By AndySchmookler

Many words have been written about the motivation of Trump supporters. For some, could it be something as simple (and sinister) as an affinity for chaos?

Hong Kong’s Students Come Ready for Education

By Alan Singer

It’s not just young people in the United States who are leading great movements for change—and it never has been. A look inside the Hong Kong student activist movement.

America owes Al Gore an apology

By rslack

A snackable retrospective on the former Vice President’s achievements, his failures, and ultimately, his humiliation.

California legislature sends SB276 to Governor – it eliminates the abuse of medical exemptions

By SkepticalRaptor

The Golden State continues its successful fight against the massively flawed anti-vaccine movement.

Meanwhile, in Texas…

By ajewella

Texas is almost #1 in the nation for mass gun violence, yet refuses to be a leader in gun safety. A lifelong Texan has had enough.

The Fate of a Family

By Michael Brune

A thoughtful look inside the efforts to make sure that none of the remaining six dozen orcas in Washington State becomes the last.

The “straight pride” parade isn’t a laughing matter, and we must quit addressing it as such

By BoiseBlue

Homophobia is not a punchline. Homophobia is dangerous.

Climate Crisis: Action, Not Hope Needed

By stonehenge

A thorough yet accessible primer on the realities of climate change.

Want to win the next election? Stop calling farmers stupid!

By Nonlinear

Writing off farmers and other rural voters as do-or-die Trump supporters is not just a bad look for Democrats, it’s also utterly inaccurate.

New Jersey Leading the fight to Restore Prisoners’ Voting Rights

By Amani Sawari

A look at yet another state’s fight to re-enfranchise ALL of its residents.

Dealing With the Trump Cult

By bobburnett

Not all Trump devotees are the same.

That’s it, friends! What did you think of this week’s list? Looking forward to hearing about your first written endeavors here on Daily Kos in the comments … and as always, feel free to submit diaries you should be on this list via my Kosmail.

Till next time, happy writing! We’re so glad you’re here.

China’s Struggles

CEO Daily lands late this morning, as your correspondent has just landed back in Hong Kong from China’s Yunnan province. The three hour flight involved swapping Faustian bargains: cool alpine breezes and blocked Internet access at one end versus oppressive humidity and unrestricted Internet access at the other. At the Hong Kong airport, it was […]

Fears of a Military Crackdown in Hong Kong are Overblown

I happened to be in the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday, the night anti-government demonstrations erupted into a violent clash with police. I was there to pick up my kids, who were returning from Tokyo to begin the new school year. Their flight was delayed by several hours, which I passed sardined among throngs of […]

In the Himalayas, glacier melting has doubled since 2000, says new study

Glaciers in the Himalayas are melting at twice the rate they used to, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances. Why? In short: climate change.

A team of scientists used satellite images taken during four decades (including during the Cold War, from spy satellites) to make the comparison. In layman’s terms, scientists converted the satellite images into 3D images and used those to compare the thickness of ice in 650 different regions. 

The study encompasses a wide area, from India, China, Nepal, and Bhutan, and even includes Mount Everest. Unfortunately, the wide area has a consistent bad result: lots and lots of loss. There’s been a loss of 8.3 billion tons of ice per year since 2000. In the years between1975 and 2000, the average was 4.3 billion tons. To put this another way, according to researchers, less than three-quarters of the ice that existed back in 1975 still exists today. 

As is probably unsurprising, at higher elevations (where temperatures are also colder, to begin with), there has been less ice loss. But the closer you get to ground level, the more concerning the rate of ice loss gets.

Hong Kong’s About Face

The trade war drags. U.S. companies are getting fed up with the trade war. Over 600 firms, including Walmart and Target, signed a letter urging President Trump to resolve the dispute, which they claim is hurting business in the U.S. “Broadly applied tariffs are not an effective tool to change China’s unfair trade practices,” the […]

How China’s Most Popular App Spies on Users for Beijing

Superfast 5G. China’s three state-owned mobile network operators – China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile – were issued licenses to roll out 5G services this week, way ahead of schedule. Observers had expected the licenses to be issued later this year.  It seems plans have been brought forward as a show of strength to […]

The Long Winter: Bracing for a Protracted US-China Cold War

Huawei discounted. The IEEE, a major international U.S.-based professional association that publishes academic papers on engineering, has excluded Huawei employees from participating in the peer-review process. Last month the U.S. placed Huawei on its “entities list,” making it difficult for businesses to collaborate with the Chinese telecoms company. IEEE is attempting to not fall foul […]

How China’s top-down political system holds it back

Clay Chandler here, chiming in from Hong Kong with CEO Daily’s weekly Sino-Saturday edition. It has been more than a week now since the collapse of trade talks between the world’s two largest economies. Beijing and Washington have since announced billions of dollars in new tariffs on each others’ exports. Official rhetoric between the two […]

Taiwan’s Trump?

It was inevitable that Foxconn Technology Group chairman Terry Gou’s Wednesday announcement he’s running for president of Taiwan would invite comparisons to Donald Trump. Both men are brash billionaires who claim their business experience qualifies them for political leadership. Gou has said he was inspired in part by Trump’s example. They share a fondness for […]