Syria Live Updates: Assad’s Forces Move Into Area Hit by Turkey

Here’s what you need to know: Syrian Army joins Kurds in a major power shift. Image Syrian troops entered Tel Tamer on Monday shortly after the government forged an alliance with Kurdish forces.CreditDelil Souleiman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The Syrian Army entered the town of Tel Tamer in northeastern Syria, the state news media reported […]

Syria Live Updates: Assad’s Army Moves into Border Town

Here’s what you need to know: Syrian Army joins Kurds in the strategic town of Tel Tamer. Image Syrian government troops entered the strategic town of Tel Tamer on Monday.CreditDelil Souleiman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The Syrian Army invaded the town of Tel Tamer in northeastern Syria, state media reported on Monday, soon after the […]

Trudeau’s Tough Fight Could Make Canada’s Small Parties Kingmakers

GRAVENHURST, Ontario — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s image as a liberal reformer crumbled during the lead-up to Canada’s national election, an opportunity opened for competing left-wing parties to attract disaffected voters. But as the campaign heads into its final week, it hasn’t quite played out that way. The prime minister and his Liberal Party […]

After Typhoon, Dramatic Rescues of Residents Trapped by Floods

KAWAGOE, JAPAN — One by one, the boats arrived, having crossed a lake that did not exist the day before. They carried precious cargo: old-age patients rescued from a flooded nursing home in an exurb of Tokyo. As Typhoon Hagibis slammed into Japan on Saturday, record levels of rain pummeled vast swathes of the country, […]

American Basketball vs. Chinese Hardball. Guess Who Won.

BEIJING — Back in the Cold War, the sclerotic Soviet system proved no match for the lure of American soft power: bluejeans, jazz, rock ’n’ roll, Coca-Cola, Hollywood. All became symbols of American freedom and prosperity that no amount of communist prohibitions could stop. Today, China poses a far more formidable yet lucrative challenge for […]

Afghans Demanded a Fair Election. They Could Be Waiting a While for Results.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Two weeks after Afghans braved deadly Taliban attacks in order to vote for a new president, both front-runners have essentially claimed victory but the country’s Election Commission appeared unlikely to meet its own deadline for announcing preliminary results. The critical question of whether Afghanistan will have an acceptable election or face yet […]

Tunisia Polls Suggest Conservative Professor Wins Election

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — A conservative, Islamist-backed law professor looked set to assume Tunisia’s presidency after polling agencies suggested he overwhelmingly won Sunday’s runoff election in the country that unleashed the Arab Spring pro-democracy uprisings. Kais Saied’s supporters exploded with joy, celebrating on the main boulevard of Tunis even though official results from Sunday’s runoff […]

Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes

AKCAKALE, Turkey — Hundreds of relatives of Islamic State fighters fled a Kurdish-run detention camp on Sunday morning after Turkish airstrikes hit the surrounding area, deepening the crisis prompted by the Turkish-led invasion of northern Syria. The escapes came hours before the United States military said it would withdraw its remaining troops from northern Syria […]

Flash-Mob Protests Disrupt Business and Transit Across Hong Kong

Thousands of masked protesters fanned out across Hong Kong in flash-mob gatherings on Sunday, the first significant unrest in the city since it was convulsed by violence a week earlier over opposition to a ban on face masks at public gatherings. The unrest on Sunday was less organized than previous protests in a movement that […]

Typhoon Hagibis: Helicopters and Boats Rescue the Stranded

TOKYO — Japan woke on Sunday morning to flooded rivers and burst levees, as emergency workers used helicopters and boats to rescue stranded residents from their homes in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis, the largest storm to hit the country in decades. Rain began falling on Saturday and continued through Sunday morning, testing dams, pulling […]