In Southern Appalachia, Searching for the ‘Big Bang’ of Country Music

Image A scene outside Bristol, Tenn., where the famous Bristol recording sessions showcased future stars of the country music scene.CreditMike Belleme for The New York Times While the rest of America was roaring to jazz during the ’20s, in a small corner of the South, where back roads snake through early-morning mist and porches are […]

The Completely Reasonable Reason People Are Flying With Mini Horses

Last week, after months of deliberation, the Department of Transportation released formal guidance regarding animals on planes. The 28-page document makes it clear that three types of service animals should be prioritized for travel: cats, dogs and miniature horses. Yes, miniature horses. The document repeatedly includes mini horses in a trio of “the most commonly […]

Tracing Your Roots Through Travel, According to Mickela Mallozzi

The professional dancer Mickela Mallozzi woke with a jolt of an idea one night: She would create a television show where she would connect with people around the world through dance and music. Ms. Mallozzi had started traveling internationally while a student at New York University. Everywhere she went, she danced with locals. “It was […]

Customs Computer Failure Snarls Passengers at U.S. Airports

A nationwide customs service computer failure Friday afternoon left throngs of passengers bottlenecked at airports, waiting to be processed, United States Customs and Border Protection said. The agency said in a statement that it was experiencing “a temporary outage” at various airports and that it was “taking immediate action to address the technology disruption.” It […]

Erotic Tapestries, a Kyoto Inn Inspired by Sweets and More

Image The central pharaoh figure in “Les Dieux du Nil” was inspired by a 1978 Jean-Paul Goude image of Grace Jones holding a microphone while in a dancer’s pose. Louis Barthélemy’s work was shot at the Riad Mena & Beyond in Marrakesh.CreditAlan Keohane Erotic Tapestries Inspired by Traditional Egyptian Crafts Five years ago, the French […]

Five Places to Visit in Greenville, S.C.

Greenville, S.C., near the Blue Ridge Mountains, has emerged as a buzzy destination for the culinary and creative arts after years of economic growth and urban revitalization. One of the Upcountry city’s most intriguing areas is West Greenville, the former hub of the city’s textile production. In recent years, the enclave known as “The Village” […]

Can the Jersey Shore Culture of Springsteen and Snooki Survive?

When Sam Hernandez met his wife in 2010, he had never been to the beach in New Jersey. Born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, he’d always associated the Jersey Shore with the tan-and-party lifestyle of the MTV reality show. But his soon-to-be-wife, a New Jersey native, insisted he visit. Once he was there, he was […]

36 Hours in Santa Barbara County

With its Mission-style facades and showy tropical foliage, Santa Barbara could be a commercial for the California good life. It can be easy to underestimate the struggles of a place so seemingly flawless. But Santa Barbara has had a tough few years. From the devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018 to the flooding and mudslides […]

Where the Resistance Helped Plan the Liberation of Paris

The tunnel to the subterranean bunker that played a pivotal role in the liberation of Paris is long and narrow, each step down deceptively steep. It takes 100 of those steps to reach the former military command post where, for six days, members of the French Resistance helped orchestrate the city’s release from the Nazi […]

New Everest Rules Could Significantly Limit Who Gets to Climb

KATHMANDU, Nepal — In an effort to address deadly human traffic jams on Mount Everest and weed out inexperienced climbers, Nepali officials on Wednesday formally proposed new safety rules that could significantly reduce the number of permits issued for the world’s highest peak. Under the measures, would-be climbers would have to prove that they have […]