If forests go up in smoke, so can carbon offsets

Raging fires across the Amazon and the start of California’s fire season have put the heat back on a controversial method for balancing the carbon budget, called offsets. Here’s how offsets work. Let’s say a person or a company wants to contribute less to global warming. One option would be to cut down on air […]

Inside the Pro-Andrew Yang Influence Machine

Win McNamee/Getty Images After the first set of Democratic presidential debates in June, Andrew Yang dominated several online surveys asking who won the contest. He came in first in one run by the conservative news aggregator Drudge Report, another run by the Washington Examiner, and second in one on NJ.com. The results seemed like a […]

A Lawyer for 8chan Says the Site Could Be Back Online as Soon as Next Week

8chan’s logo A lawyer representing Jim Watkins, the owner of the image posting forum website 8chan, tells Mother Jones that the site could be back online as soon as next week. 8chan went dark in the wake of a mass shooting in El Paso last month that left 22 dead and injured 24 more—its internet […]

This Lawyer Is Bringing the Internet’s Worst Men to Heel

Mother Jones illustration; Natan Dvir Listen up, assholes. Carrie Goldberg is coming for you.  Since founding her law firm in 2014, the defiant, trash-talking New York lawyer has built a reputation for going after sexual predators from Harvey Weinstein to anonymous trolls and purveyors of nonconsensual pornography. In her new book Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, […]

LOLing Ourselves to Death

Mother Jones illustration; Getty After graduating from college I began reading feminist blogs, and it was as if I had discovered that I’d been living in The Truman Show. At sites like Jezebel, Feministing, and Slate (under its now-deceased DoubleX vertical), I absorbed political and cultural news through an anti-patriarchy filter. Lightbulbs blinked on as […]

Why Reddit Is Losing Its Battle with Online Hate

March 15, 2019 – UK – Stock photo of the Reddit social media app icon on a smartphone. (Credit Image: © Nick Ansell/PA Wire via ZUMA Press) Reddit’s dark corners can seem like a dangerous and seedy mess. With over 330 million users, the message board platform is vast and filled with posters obsessed with […]

We’re back! Picks of the Week from the Daily Kos Community, Aug. 23 (and a Community conversation)

Hello, cherished Community! It’s been four dang months since I gave you, sweet Picks readers, the exclusive heads up that I would be departing for quite some time—what I refer to as “basically foreverpants”—and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve made my triumphant return. I’ve been back since last week, but unsurprisingly, there was a LOT to be done to feel normal  at work again, so I waited a week to re-launch PotW so that I would have time to comb over the week’s diaries like I’ve done in the past!

Did you miss Picks of the Week? Did you miss me? (Actually … don’t answer that last question.)

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It’s okay if you didn’t notice I was gone. The nation is burning.

Enough about me, though! This is, as always, about you, Dearest Ones, and your great writing. Here’s a quick recap on how this list is populated, from content written Fri.-Thur. each week:

Truly, there is no formula. We tend, unsurprisingly, toward stories with solid writing and fresh perspectives, that cover a wide swath of topics. We’re suckers for stories with a personal bent when we can find them. We also aim to feature different writers whenever possible. Finally, with this diary being put out on Saturdays, we do our best to pick stories that haven’t gone stale by the time I hit Publish.

Furthermore, I’ll add that as primary season looms, much effort is spent to avoid diaries that either endorse or bash a current Democratic candidate. Why? Because this series is about celebrating y’all and your talent, a goal that will last far longer than this election. As the steerer of this little weekly ship, I’m not going to focus on equal coverage for candidates to avoid accusations of bias. I’m going to avoid candidate talk altogether, even if that makes me a coward in some of your eyes.

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This week’s picks are so great, y’all. I can’t wait for you to read them. So without further ado, let’s dig in.

Tried (and failed) to love a tRumpster

By chelonia testudines

Support of Trump (and lack thereof) continues to shatter relationships nationwide, causing much pain. This unabashed first-person tale spares no punches as it takes us through one such journey

Victory! We stopped a Republican National Committee trojan malware op dead in its tracks

By DocDawg

A truly remarkable story about how skilled tech experts caught the GOP being very bad, and shamed them into doing better.

Hidden History: The Toronto Circus Riot

By Lenny Flank

Yes. A circus riot. The latest installment in the HH series tells one hell of a wild story that is stranger than fiction.

If Economy Slides Next Year, Trump Will Not Be Able To Blame the Federal Reserve.

By Merlin1963

We know he will, but here’s a great, layman’s exploration of how that’ll likely work out for him.

Why North Korea Wants Nuclear Weapons

By Russell Hall

In a digestible journey spanning decades, this explainer gets to the root of an issue that’s certainly not going to be solved by Trump and his flirtation with Kim Jong Un.

Random Acts of Protest

By Im a frayed knot

We all can do something to fight back against this dangerously tyrannical administration and its ever-increasingly cruel policies. The first step is the hardest.

Time to talk about guns again (and history too)

By BlackSheep1

Another accessible explainer that addresses our gun crisis and some of the ways we got here.

Name Dropping – My Rolling Stones Story

By 714day

We all have those moments in life that are forever imprinted in our memory, those stories we tell at parties.  This is one of those experiences, and it’s freaking delightful.

Catholicism and My Bipolar Disorder

By Eihenetu

A brutally honest journey that only this writer could share with us. The title says it all.

Camille’s Wake

By Douglas Lee

Half a century later, Hurricane Camille, all but forgotten by most of the nation, leaves lasting scars on the land and people who found themselves and their homes in her path. A beautiful first-person narrative takes us near the eye and into the long-lasting impacts.

Officers return to duty 2 weeks after shooting black teen in the back as he fled in CO Springs.

By rflctammt

Another police shooting caught on camera, another pair of cops allowed to go back to work while a black family mourns and seethes. A longtime resident of Colorado Springs thoughtfully explores their own rage and the long history of inequality in this city, sparked by the killing of De’Von Bailey, 19, earlier this month.

Homelessness is Waiting

By LoreleiHI

Yet another painful yet beautiful diary from LoreleiHi that holds no punches as it presents the realities of homelessness. Sometimes, the waiting really is the hardest part.

How a Generic Abortion Pill Could Revolutionize Abortion

By ZawnVillines

It’s not just that this medication could change everything for pregnant people … it’s also about the fight to ensure it changes nothing.

That’s it for this week, folks! See you next Saturday, with a whole new list of stellar writings from your peers here in the Daily Kos Community. 

As always, feel free to tell me about any diaries I may have missed this week … and don’t hesitate to send suggestions for the coming week’s list via Kosmail, no later than Thursday at noon in your time zone. It’s so, so good to be back, folks. Till next time.

Video Games Have Nothing to Do With Mass Shootings. But Gamers Kinda Do.

Mourners pray beside crosses with the names of victims who died in the El Paso, Texas, shooting on Saturday.MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images In the wake of consecutive mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Republican politicians went rummaging through the dated bargain bin of excuses for gun violence and latched on to a familiar […]

How Weird Is Andrew Yang’s Tech Policy? Only About As Weird As America’s.

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is famous for his plan to implement a universal basic income to help Americans who lose their jobs to robots. And that isn’t the only place tech innovation takes center stage in his platform. He also advocates that your online data be treated as personal property that you can choose (or […]

The Profound, Unforgiving Stupidity of Donald Trump’s Social Media Summit

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka yells at journalist Brian Karem in the Rose Garden at the White House following the President’s social media summit.Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Consider a few important, but seemingly unrelated moments from history: The creation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; the rise of Twitter and social […]