Headlines for November 1, 2019

House Votes to Formalize Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump  Trump Will Avoid State Income Taxes After Declaring Florida Residency CIA-Backed Afghan Forces Commit Atrocities, Says Human Rights Watch Iraqi Prime Minister Offers to Resign Amid Anti-Government Protests Thousands March in Argentina Against IMF-Imposed Austerity Spain to Replace Chile as Host of COP25 U.N. Climate Conference […]

Endless Versions of You in Endless Parallel Universes? Physicist Sean Carroll Says It’s Possible.

The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics holds that reality is constantly splitting, creating many versions of physicist Sean Carroll–and everything else. (Credit: Bill Youngblood/Corey S. Powell) Conventionally speaking, there is a single physicist named Sean Carroll at Caltech, busily puzzling over the nature of the quantum world. In the theoretical sense, though, he may […]

E.P.A. to Roll Back Rules to Control Toxic Ash from Coal Plants

Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is expected to roll back an Obama-era regulation meant to limit the leaching of heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury into water supplies from the ash of coal-fired power plants, according to two people […]

Termites Cannibalize Their Co-Workers for the Good of the Colony

Formosan subterranean termites, which are in the same genus as Asian subterranean termites. (Credit: Scott Bauer/USDA) (Inside Science) — The appetites of social termites extend to cannibalizing their co-workers after death. It’s done for the greater good of the community. “Termites have a lot of strategies to keep the nest and the members of the […]

Creepy Music and Soviet Spycraft: The Amazing Life of Leon Theremin

Leon Theremin, also known as Lev Termen, demonstrates his musical instrument. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Imagine a UFO descending from the heavens, its round disk pale against the night sky. What sound does it make? You’re likely imagining a keening whine in your head, like the howling of a haunted wind or the moans of a […]

Measles Leaves Us Vulnerable to Infections Both Old and New, Study Finds

A measles infection can wipe our immune system’s memory and even leave us weaker against new infections. (Credit: infohay/Shutterstock) As the number of measles cases rises in the U.S, research reveals a new way the disease can leave patients vulnerable to future infections. Published in Science Immunology, an examination of measles patient immune systems showed […]

After Getting Whaled on by Environmentalists, the Trump Administration Is Helping a Vulnerable Sea Mammal

ANDREYGUDKOV/Getty The Trump administration isn’t exactly heralded as a friend to nature’s creatures. It has, after all, rolled back Endangered Species Act protections, shrunk national monuments, and proposed opening the United States’ largest national forest up to logging and construction. But earlier this month, the administration announced it plans to designate more than 300,000 square […]

Meme Falsely Claims Obama Released al-Baghdadi

Quick Take Various memes circulating online falsely claim that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader who recently died during a U.S. raid, had been released from U.S. military custody under President Barack Obama. He was actually released in 2004, under President George W. Bush. Full Story Misinformation quickly followed the death of the Islamic […]

Misleading Posts Target GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz

Quick Take Social media posts distort the facts around an 11-year-old, dismissed DUI charge against Rep. Matt Gaetz. They also leave the false impression that he “stole from dying people.” Full Story  Posts about Rep. Matt Gaetz circulating on social media in recent days bend the facts to argue that the Florida Republican is part of […]