Woodstock’s Owners Licensing Cannabis Brand for Festival’s 50th Anniversary

The original Woodstock was a three-day music festival filled with drugs, sex and mayhem that defined a generation known for its deep distrust of authority. But 50 years later, the owners of the festival name are getting an assist from a federal judge.  Power to the people, indeed. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe […]

“Alarms Went off in the Spacecraft.” How IBM Computer Whizzes Saved Apollo 11

But as the Apollo 11 mission neared the moment of truth, beginning its descent toward the lunar surface, crisis struck. “Audible alarms went off in the spacecraft,” Ahr recalls. “It was very chaotic. It was going off in your ears.” Ahr first heard the sirens through his hands-free headset. Soon, alarms and flashing lights began […]

Researchers Find Evidence of Ancient Cannabis Use in China

Researchers conducting an archaeological study of tombs in western China have found the earliest evidence of cannabis smoking so far discovered, according to a report on their work published on Wednesday in the journal Science Advances. Analysis of braziers in the tombs revealed that cannabis plants with high levels of psychoactive compounds were being burned […]

Inside the new Statue of Liberty Museum

After five years and a series of crowdfunding campaigns, the new Statue of Liberty Museum opened as scheduled this week. Measuring 26,000 square feet, the exhibition space serves as a welcome center for the 4.5 million annual visitors who trek to Liberty Island to see New York City’s beloved colossus up close. Beyond the usual […]

The World’s Most Expensive Wine Is From Hungary

How much is too much to pay for a bottle of wine? A newly-released $40,000 bottle of 2008-vintage wine now ranks among the most expensive wines in the world at release. But the wine in question isn’t some storied Amarone or a rare French Bordeaux. This Tokaji Essencia wine hails from the Carpathian foothills of […]

Ancient Romans etched penis graffiti as a symbol of luck and domination

The crude outline of a penis, though associated with juvenile humor these days, has long held deep symbolic meaning. So much so that archaeologists from Newcastle University discovered this week that ancient Roman workers etched an oversized penis into stone at a quarry near Hadrian’s Wall when they were stationed there in 207 AD. The […]

The history of science shows how to change the minds of science deniers

Most of us don’t think of science as a story. If we think of it at all, it’s as a series of discoveries made by a few geniuses whose insights somehow changed our lives. A new book aims to transform that perception, turning it into a tale the whole world is writing together—a fable involving […]

The best books Quartz India read in 2018

This year, Quartz India wrote about a lot of books, including a biography of a forgotten Mughal empress, a history of Indian street magic, and a riveting account of antiquities theft. But the editors and reporters read just as many books, too. From a delightful anthology of writings on Goa to chess master Gary Kasparov’s […]

A historian busts the poisonous myth at the heart of white nationalist ideology

America was never white, and it never will be. Events in Charlottesville recently cascaded into domestic terrorism. Three dead and dozens wounded as neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other “alt-right” members descended upon the university that Thomas Jefferson built; their purpose, it is alleged, to defend a statue – a monument – to the Confederate Civil […]