Turn Your Pet Into Another Species With This AI Tool

Using a new algorithm from Nvidia, you can face-swap your pet’s sweet mug onto other breeds to create monstrous versions of themselves. PetSwap is a project that uses Few-shot UNsupervised Image-to-image Translation, or FUNIT—an image translation AI algorithm. FUNIT uses a framework built on generative adversarial networks, or GANs, the same framework that Nvidia has […]

Is ’13 Reasons Why’ Really as Dangerous as People Say? It’s Complicated

Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) in season two of “13 Reasons Why” Courtesy of Netflix Suicide prevention experts were immediately worried when the trailer for 13 Reasons Why dropped on Netflix in 2017. The show is based on Jay Asher’s young adult novel of the same name and follows Clay Jensen […]

There Will Be No Malia Obama Slander from This Day On

Can a fly twenty-year-old live? On Sunday, The Daily Mail published photos of Malia Obama drinking an $80 bottle of rosé poolside with her friends in Miami. The following day, the tabloid published another article claiming they’ve found Obama’s secret Facebook account where she’s been vocal about her gripes with President Trump. The whole saga […]

The Sessions Where Working-Class Democrats Learn to Take Down the GOP

Left: Photo of training session by author. Right: Photo of Darcelle Slappy courtesy of subject Darcelle Slappy got crushed in 2018. Republican incumbent Aaron Bernstine defeated her by 56 points in the Tenth District race for Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. Slappy, a lifelong Democrat, is a member of the Big Beaver Falls Area School Board, […]

An Ode to All the Benches I’ve Been Dumped On

This article originally appeared on VICE UK. The bench: not quite a chair, not quite a sofa, but an uncomfortable in-between where people relentlessly ask you for cigarettes. In British culture, benches are for three things. First, they are for taking a nap. Second, they are for formative hooking up—who among us has not done […]

There Are No Good Guys in ‘Narcos: Mexico’

Narcos show runner and executive producer Eric Newman first had the idea for the series in the mid-90s. He heard a story about Columbia’s deadly Cali Cartel and it blew his mind. He started researching the group, thought it would make a great movie, and kept it in his back pocket while searching for the […]

Democrats Took Back the House That Republicans Weren’t Using

Tuesday’s midterm elections signaled a significant, albeit not sweeping, change across the country. Democrats nabbed more than two dozen seats in the House of Representatives, reflecting anti-Trump sentiments, especially in suburbia. But as VICE’s Harry Cheadle points out, they’re also gaining control of the House after the Republican party spent two years doing very little […]

The Moroccan Photographer Tackling Misogyny in the Arab World

This article originally appeared on VICE Arabia. Fatima Zohra Serri wanted to study photography after leaving high school, which would have meant leaving her hometown of Nador in northern Morocco. However, her conservative father wouldn’t let her—he believed that girls shouldn’t live far from home. So, instead, the 23-year-old studied at Nador’s Applied Technology Institute […]