Ancient Handholding Skeletons Are Men but Italy Won’t Say Gay

Archeo Modena

ROME—In 2009, the straight world swooned when archeologists discovered two ancient skeletons from between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D. holding hands in a grave in Modena, Italy. They were dubbed the “Lovers of Modena” and have become synonymous with heterosexual romance, their image now often used in Italy to symbolize undying love.

When they were discovered, archeologists said the bones were in such a state of decay that the usual genetic-based methods used in confirming the biological sex of ancient remains was of no use. Still, one of the figures was slightly smaller than the other, so it was assumed they were male and female. The individuals did not die in situ—their hands were placed holding each other’s by whoever buried them, most likely to represent a relationship between the two people. Eleven people were buried in the cemetery where they were found, all initially thought to be soldiers and victims of an ancient war based on wounds consistent with battles. The consensus among anthropologists was that the presumed female hand-holder was the lover of one of the warriors.

This week, scientists with the University of Bologna announced the “Lovers of Modena” were actually both biologically male, thanks to a revolutionary process they used to examine tooth enamel. A certain peptide that is present only in males was present in all 16 teeth extracted from both skeletons. The scientists also found that only one of the 11 individuals buried in the cemetery was female, and she wasn’t holding anyone’s hand. 

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Finding the Epicenter of New Orleans Cocktail History

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

New Orleans has long been known as a Mecca of “civilized drinking,” boasting a long history of venerable bars, saloons and “coffee houses.” It’s also, of course, the ancestral home to an all-star menu of cocktails, including the Sazerac, the Vieux Carré, the Ramos Gin Fizz, the Hurricane, the Monsoon, the La Louisiane, the Roffignac, the Brandy Crusta, the Obituary Cocktail, the Absinthe Frappe and, of course, the infamous Hand Grenade.

Even with all these important drinks and establishments, there is a one-block stretch that, in my book, stands out and is the most holy of holy spots for drinkers. I bet you’re thinking it’s somewhere in the French Quarter, which is certainly reasonably given the number of famous watering holes there. But it’s not. 

Make your way over to the uptown side of Gravier Street between St. Charles and Carondelet. While there’s currently not one place on this stretch to wet your whistle (yes, there is a block in New Orleans without a bar), back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, this was the place to go. This unassuming stretch was the likely birthplace of the Brandy Crusta and the Ramos Gin Fizz, and the post-Prohibition home of the Sazerac Bar. 

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