Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Worried Tariffs May Help Samsung. Is He Right?

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a private dinner with President Donald Trump on Friday night to discuss the U.S.-China trade war. And it didn’t take long for the President to share their conversation with the world. President Trump told reporters on Sunday that during the dinner, Cook made a “good case” for why Apple shouldn’t […]

Why NYPD Fired Officer 5 Years After Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death

After five years of investigations and protests, the New York City Police Department on Monday fired an officer involved in the 2014 chokehold death of the black man whose dying cries of “I can’t breathe” fueled a national debate over race and police use of force. Police Commissioner James O’Neill said he fired Daniel Pantaleo, […]

NFL Mulls Cutting Preseason, Expanding Playoffs

Big changes could be coming to the NFL. The league, players and owners are discussing cutting the preseason to just three games and expanding the number of teams in the playoffs from 12 to 14, according to And players and owners appear open to the idea. The talks are part of the a bargaining […]

SoftBank Will Allow Its Employees Invest In Its New Vision Fund: Term Sheet

If you’re a SoftBank employee, you can now invest in the Vision Fund. The Japanese tech behemoth plans to lend up to $20 billion to its employees to buy stakes in its second mega-venture fund, according to The Wall Street Journal. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son may account for as much as $15 billion of that […]

Seeking Big A.I. Advances, a Startup Turns to a Huge Computer Chip

Tucked in the Los Altos hills near the Stanford University campus, in a low-slung bunker of offices across from a coffee shop, is a lab overflowing with blinking machines putting circuits through their paces to test for speed, the silicon equivalent of a tool and die shop. Most chips you can balance on the tip […]

From Fringe to Core: The ‘Green’ Economy Grows Up

Central bankers aren’t hired to be tree huggers. But lately the pinstriped protectors of global capitalism are sounding almost like environmental activists. In June, the Bank of England said it will ask U.K. insurers, as part of the bank’s biennial insurance-industry “stress test,” to assess how climate change might hurt their bottom lines. That same month, […]

My Night at the Taco Bell Hotel (a.k.a. Hanging With the Influencers)

When I saw the familiar bell-shaped logo on the side of the desert highway, I pulled in. Although I hadn’t eaten in 118 miles, this Taco Bell location was no pitstop on a road trip—it was my destination. My stay at The Bell, the fast food chain’s pop-up hotel and resort, was about to begin. […]

New Zealand’s Hottest Destination Is One You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Even in a country renowned across the globe for its ineffable natural beauty, New Zealand’s Nelson Tasman region particularly astounds. Encompassing the most northwesterly part of the South Island—including the city of Nelson, its oldest settlement—and considered the nation’s sunniest place (with 30% more rays than the national average), it’s home to a literal slew […]