Stumped by the stock market slump? Start by picturing a used car dealership

Trading stocks can be a lot like buying a used car. Stocks have been slumping on a variety of concerns, from President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war with China to worries about an economic slowdown and rising interest rates. Given the many factors driving shares up or down on any day or week, it’s hard […]

Former NATO commander: Allies are wondering if Trump was ‘blackmailed’ to pull out of Syria

"There doesn’t seem to be any strategic rationale for the decision." One of last week’s biggest political bombshells came when President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing all U.S. troops from Syria because the terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State, Iraq and Syria) had been “defeated” in that war-ravaged Middle Eastern country. Trump’s decision inspired […]

Paul Krugman rips ‘clueless’ Mnuchin for panicking markets with tweet: ‘Idiot’

“We should take seriously the possibility that we’re looking at an economic team as clueless as their boss." On Monday, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman went on a tweet storm in reaction to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ’s tweets about calling banks. While on a beach in Cabo, Mnuchin called leading banks to reassure them about the […]

A room with a view: Why windows are so important to older people

Windows can be vital as a way to access the world, especially for those who spend a lot of time indoors. Windows are something that many of us take for granted – they’re just part of the houses we live in or the buildings we work in. And yet for older people, windows can be […]