Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates for Third Time in 2019

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve cut interest rates on Wednesday for the third time this year, reversing nearly all of 2018’s rate increases as uncertainty from President Trump’s trade war and slowing global growth continue to pose risks to the United States economy. The decision to cut rates by another quarter point despite rock-bottom unemployment […]

House investigators seek Bolton’s testimony in impeachment inquiry

Officials also said that former Bolton deputy Timothy Morrison, who is expected to testify Thursday, is leaving his post as the National Security Council’s top Russia official. Morrison — who would be one of the highest-ranking White House officials to provide evidence in the probe — could provide crucial corroboration of an alleged quid pro […]

National Political Action Committee Pushing For Cannabis Legalization In Montana

Momentum could be building for the legalization of recreational weed in Montana. That’s because a local group working for cannabis reform in the state has just received big time backing from advocacy groups. If the efforts in Montana succeed, voters could see legalization on the ballot next year. However, with all that said, there is […]

New Battery Could Charge an Electric Car in 10 Minutes

A new design for lithium-ion batteries could dramatically reduce charging times. (Credit: buffaloboy/Shutterstock) Forget the 10 hours it can take to charge your Tesla Model X. A new battery, created by researchers at Penn State, can complete a charge in as little as 10 minutes. Described in a report published today in Joule, the new […]

Democrats Working To Decriminalize Weed Possession In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democrats introduced a bill on Wednesday that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis in the state, but chances of the measure succeeding in the Republican-led legislature appear to be slim. Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said on Wednesday that the penalties currently paid by those convicted of cannabis possession are unjust. “Possession […]

Economy Grew at 1.9% Rate in Quarter, Hit by Trade Fight and Global Weakness

Dogged by uneasiness over trade frictions and weak global growth, the American economy’s growth inched lower over the summer. Gross domestic product — the broadest measure of goods and services produced in the economy — grew at a 1.9 percent annual rate for the third quarter, according to preliminary data released by the Commerce Department […]

Giving Your Kid Tiny Amounts of Peanuts Won’t Erase Their Allergies

Exposing children to small amounts of peanuts helps treat the symptoms of allergic reactions, but doesn’t cure them. (Credit: PR Image Factory/Shutterstock) New research points to a potential wrinkle in a promising treatment for severe peanut allergies: Reactions can return if the treatments stop. Roughly 1.25 million children in the U.S. have peanut allergies. Their […]

Mourners Accidentally Ingest Hash Cake At Funeral In Germany

An 18-year-old from the northeastern German city of Rostock got a nasty shock when her mother delivered her hash-infused cake to a funeral party. After multiple mourners went to the hospital, the young woman is now under investigation and could be charged with up to 13 counts of negligence and bodily injury, in addition to […]

CNN Executives Defend The Hiring Of Sean Duffy

The immediate backlash against CNN for hiring yet another Trump sycophant to go on air and peddle conspiracy theories and smear campaigns in the service of Dear Leader was not unexpected, but the backlash is more intense this time after what CNN did in 2016. People just aren’t going to put up with this nonsense, […]

Trump Administration Launches Addiction Treatment Website

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has unveiled a website aimed at helping millions of Americans with substance abuse issues learn about and locate treatment options. FindTreatment.gov is the latest development in the administration’s effort to address the nation’s opioid crisis. The White House said it believes the site, which went up Wednesday, will enable […]