Flurry of Trump Falsehoods

Summary In two press appearances in the same day, President Donald Trump made several false claims and distorted the facts on issues ranging from Syria to trade: Trump claimed that former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan “would never issue a subpoena,” because of his “respect for our country.” But subpoenas were issued under Ryan’s watch. […]

High Times Returns To Denver For The 2019 Colorado Cannabis Cup

After two years, High Times is returning to Colorado to celebrate the state’s hardworking growers and processors with the much-anticipated 2019 Colorado Cannabis Cup! The 2019 Colorado Cannabis Cup Colorado has always been at the forefront of the country’s cannabis industry. To honor the vanguard state’s stellar achievements in the marijuana market, the 2019 Colorado […]

Taxes From Legal Pot Could Subsidize Weed For Low-Income Patients In New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A proposal unveiled Wednesday for legal marijuana sales throughout New Mexico would use taxes to subsidize medical pot purchases for low-income patients and set aside money for police and loans to cannabis startup companies. A panel appointed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, published recommendations for legalization that take […]

Man’s 15-Year Sentence For Cocaine Dropped After Lab Finds It Was Powdered Milk

In Oklahoma, a man has been cleared of cocaine charges after lab tests revealed that cops had grossly misidentified the substance they claimed was cocaine. Although the man’s case has now been dismissed, he was still forced to spend multiple weeks behind bars. The case highlights numerous problems with current drug law enforcement and sentencing […]

Adults Are Getting More Food Allergies. Scientists Still Aren’t Sure Why

Food allergies, including those to seafood, are becoming more common. (Credit: Alexander Raths/Shutterstock) All your life, you’ve delighted in the subtle, sweet taste of fresh shrimp. Until one day, when you bite into it and find yourself beset by itching hives and a swollen throat. An unexpected food allergy seems to be a common experience […]

Our 2020 Primary Draft Is Back

We are back with another round of our 2020 Democratic primary draft! Our politics podcast team didn’t do so well in the previous episode, but this time around, the whole gang (Clare, Galen, Micah and Nate) is back and looking for redemption. While the field of candidates is dwindling (slowly), we were still able to […]

NASA reveals new spacesuits designed to fit men and women

These two new spacesuits will help the space agency put astronauts back on the surface of the Moon, enhance their mobility, and keep them safe along the way. (Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky) NASA revealed two new spacesuits this week that may be worn by astronauts on future missions to the Moon. The suits feature a number […]

From 440 to 25,000: One Humpback Whale Population’s Amazing Recovery

Humpback whale populations have recovered since whaling was banned, some from near extinction. (Credit: Tomas Kotouc/Shutterstock) In the late 1950s, only 440 humpback whales — or 1.6 percent of their onetime number — were swimming around the southwestern Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to whaling restrictions, these school bus-sized aquatic mammals have started to come back. Now, […]

Issues Voters See the Race Differently From Those Who Prioritize Beating Trump

If you had to choose between a candidate with whom you agree on the issues and a candidate who could beat President Trump, who would you prefer? We posed this question to Democratic primary voters in a poll conducted using Ipsos’s KnowledgePanel, before and after Tuesday’s debate. It turns out that the race looks somewhat […]

A Year After Canada Legalizes Weed, People Are Still Buying Unregulated Cannabis

12 months after Canada legalized cannabis, sales of legal marijuana are expected to total $1 billion for the first year, according to figures reported by the Associated Press. That is considerably less than Canada’s illicit market, where weed sales are estimated as being between $5 and $7 billion. One obvious explanation for that disparity? The […]