Fact: Trump TV Ad Misleads on Biden and Ukraine

With its candidate the subject of an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has gone on the offensive with a TV ad that claims to present the “facts” about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Ukraine. In fact, the ad relies on speculation and unsupported accusations to mislead viewers. The TV ad, among other […]

NASA is Building its First Electric Airplane

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell is the agency’s first all-electric airplane. It’s also the first X-plane for NASA in two decades. (Credit: NASA) NASA is getting ready to test their first all-electric plane, the X-57 Maxwell, at the Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. This latest version of the aircraft, called Modification II or Mod II, […]

California Medical Marijuana Bills Await Governor’s Signature

Two medical marijuana bills that were passed by the California legislature in September have been sent to Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for his approval, but cannabis activists are concerned that he won’t sign the measures before an impending deadline. Senate Bill 305, also known as Ryan’s Law, would allow terminally ill patients to use medical […]

Flight Attendants Union Wants The FAA To Ban All E-Cigarettes From Airplanes

As the fervor surrounding the potentially deadly risks of consuming e-cigarettes and other vape products subsides somewhat, another e-cig scare is entering the spotlight. This time, however, the concern isn’t what people are inhaling, but the device itself. Cheap, poorly-made vape pens and e-cigs typically use cheap, poorly-made lithium-ion batteries. And those batteries have a […]

What Would Happen If American Voters All Got Together And Talked Politics?

There is a story that Stanford University political science professor Jim Fishkin likes to tell about George Gallup, the man who helped popularize public opinion polling in America. After the 1936 presidential election — which Gallup’s polling correctly called for Franklin D. Roosevelt — Gallup delivered a lecture at Princeton in which he argued that […]

Siamraptor suwati: First Bitey Dino of Its Kind in Southeast Asia

A reconstruction of the predatory dinosaur’s skull based on partial fossils of Siamraptor suwati. (Credit: Chokchaloemwong et al., 2019) Siamraptor suwati joins the ranks of predatory dinosaurs known to science — and it’s the first of its lineage from Southeast Asia, giving its discovery greater significance. When it comes to bitey dinos, most people think […]

Outburst at AOC Town Hall Was Staged

Quick Take A political group took credit for planting a woman who espoused “eating babies” to address climate change at a recent town hall event hosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But some have still misrepresented the woman as “AOC’s crazy supporter.” Full Story  A bizarre moment at an Oct. 3 town hall event with Democratic […]

MedMen Backs Out Of Huge Deal To Buy PharmaCann

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Marijuana stocks have come down hard from their highs a year ago, and the skid isn’t just spooking investors. On Tuesday, MedMen Enterprises Inc., which sells legal cannabis in California and 11 other states, backed out of a blockbuster deal to buy PharmaCann, a Chicago-based marijuana company with operations in eight […]