The Conundrum at the Heart of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

What is more important for China’s Belt and Road Initiative: providing energy security in developing countries—or cutting out coal? That question was at the heart of a roundtable Friday at Fortune’s Global Sustainability Forum in Yunnan, China. On the one hand, the Belt and Road Initiative represents an umbrella of infrastructure projects with an estimated […]

What’s on TV? Google’s Search Engine Can Now Recommend Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Google wants to help smartphone users find new (and old) favorite TV shows and movies to watch. The Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant announced an update on Thursday for its search engine on mobile, which will serve U.S. users with personalized TV and film recommendations across different streaming services. Here’s how to get started: Mobile […]

Trump’s False ‘Facts’ on the Environment

Just as CNN was beginning its climate town hall event, President Donald Trump tweeted a list of “8 facts” boasting of the nation’s air quality and carbon emissions reductions. Several of his “facts,” however, are inaccurate or misleading. Contrary to the president’s claims, the United States — not China — is responsible for having released […]

Why Neuroscience is Coming to Courtrooms

(Credit: Knowable Magazine) On March 30, 1981, 25-year-old John W. Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan and three other people. The following year, he went on trial for his crimes. Defense attorneys argued that Hinckley was insane, and they pointed to a trove of evidence to back their claim. Their client had a history of […]

Johns Hopkins Launches Center For Psychedelic And Consciousness Research

One of the United States’ most respected medical institutions has announced that it will be sinking its teeth into the field of psychedelics research. Johns Hopkins University will form the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research, funded by $17 million in donations from private sources. It may well be the largest research facility in the […]

If We Find Alien Life, Can We Avoid Harming It?

Subsurface water on Jupiter’s moon Europa is one place humans plan to search for life. This artist’s concept shows a massive plume of underground water erupting from the moon’s surface. (Credit: NASA/ESA/K. Retherford/SWRI) As humans explore the solar system, the tantalizing possibility of discovering extraterrestrial life continues to pop up. But the goal of most […]

Trump Doubles Down on Inaccurate Hurricane Forecast

President Donald Trump inaccurately stated in his Sept. 1 tweet that Alabama “will most likely be hit” by Hurricane Dorian — a statement that was fact-checked in real time by the National Weather Service. Despite that, Trump has now twisted the facts by using an altered forecast map to support his inaccurate tweet and has […]

A Misleading Take on the Trump Family’s Citizenship

Quick Take Viral social media posts wrongly suggest that President Donald Trump’s three eldest children are citizens only because of birthright citizenship. Full Story President Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana, became a U.S. citizen in 1988 — years after the last of the couple’s three children, Eric, was born in 1984. As the president has […]