‘The Lion King’ Reigns Supreme at Box Office With $185 Million Opening Weekend

 If there was any doubt that the 2019 box office belonged to the Walt Disney Co., this weekend put an end to it. Not only did its photorealistic remake of “The Lion King” devour opening weekend records for the month of July and PG-rated films, but “Avengers: Endgame” also crept past “Avatar” to become the highest-grossing […]

Apple Card: Are the Limited Rewards Worth It for the Privacy?

In March, Apple revealed its first credit card: Apple Card, a thin slab of titanium that would provide shoppers with 3% cash back at Apple stores, 2% at anywhere Apple Pay is available, and 1% everywhere else. Many observers quickly pointed out Apple Card’s limited earning potential for customers. Citi’s Double Cash card, for example, […]

An Electric “Humm” To Make You Smarter?

This week I came across a brain stimulation device called Humm that promises to improve your cognitive function and memory if you stick it to your forehead. The Humm device. Image adapted from https://thinkhumm.com/preorder There are several broadly similar devices on the market, which make use of the principle of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) […]

What Is StockX? Everything You Need to Know About the Billion-Dollar Sneaker Empire

StockX, the company styling itself as the “Stock Market of Things,” is worth $1 billion after its latest ­Series C round, which closed in July. Now that it’s a “unicorn,” with a total of $160 million raised, the company has investors in New Balance and Skechers alike scratching their heads, wondering “What is StockX?” Cofounded in 2015 by […]

Investors Seek an Edge By Using Technology That Reads Between the Lines

Ever since British economist JohnMaynard Keynes first declared that investors are prey to people’s urge to act,however irrationally, the financial world has tried to quantify the impact ofpublic sentiment on stock prices. Solving the puzzle would give investors inthe know a huge advantage over the competition. Over the past decade, one vibrant corner of that […]

Your Smart TV Is Getting Too Smart for Your Own Good

To the delight of binge-watchers everywhere, it’s no longer prohibitively expensive to purchase a giant television. And those devices are also getting smarter, with features like voice commands, personalized recommendations, and built-in apps for Netflix and other streaming services. It’s almost impossible to buy a TV without them. The average consumer might ascribe the declining […]

Rosé Prosecco Doesn’t Actually Exist—But It Will Soon

Nearly 200 producers of Prosecco in Italy make a rosé sparkling wine. But there’s a catch: They cannot legally call it Prosecco. That may be changing soon. Producers are lobbying the Prosecco DOC Consortium and Ministry of Agriculture to allow an official rosé designation for the Prosecco region. It will not only expand offerings and […]

How This Wedding Singer Earns $1.5 Million a Year

Musician Jordan Kahn and Adam Sandler’s character in The Wedding Singer may both wear bold blazers, but that’s where the similarities stop. Though Sandler’s character might personify wedding bands of the past, today’s groups—like Kahn’s namesake Jordan Kahn Orchestra—could well open for the likes of Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift. With professional-level production, high-tech equipment, […]