Raw Data: Here’s What the Trump Tariffs Are Costing You

Here are quarterly tariff receipts over the past few years: Tariffs normally run about $40 billion per quarter. In the latest quarter, thanks to Trump’s tariffs, that was $35 billion higher. This amounts to $140 billion per year. All of this is paid by US companies that import goods and passed along to consumers as […]

Boarding Now: Parents of Children With Food Allergies

A recent government ruling may transform air travel for passengers with life-threatening food allergies by extending to them the protections afforded other individuals with disabilities. In September 2016, gate agents for American Airlines refused Nicole Mackenzie’s request to preboard a flight from Portland, Ore., to Charlotte, N.C., to clean the area around the seat assigned […]

Louisiana Man Killed 3 ‘Random Victims’ in Two Days, Authorities Say

A Louisiana man has been accused of fatally shooting three people in a neighborhood just outside New Orleans this week in what appeared to be random attacks, the authorities said Wednesday, adding that he was also a suspect in a killing in the city earlier this month. The suspect, Sean Barrette, 22, was arrested Tuesday […]

What’s it like to go on a conservative dating app?

Conventional wisdom holds that a relationship is based upon common interests. The general course of most couplings involves going out on dates where people have to find interesting things to discuss, through continued interactions they build intimacy, trust, and closeness, and hopefully good sex, commitment, and love come afterwards. But common interests don’t always mean sameness. Some of the most boring conversations in the world can be where someone just repeats, “Yes, me too.” For some, the most attractive quality in a partner is to be different and challenge what one thinks.

However, how different is too different?

About 10 years ago I went out on a date with a beautiful woman who had a B.S. degree in chemistry, and for part of the night things seemed great. But in the middle of dinner, she started telling me that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland in the brain, is used as a control on the population, and blocks humanity from experiencing spiritual elevation. It may have been due to the effects of drinking so much fluoride over the years (and knowing a thing or two about human biology), but listening to what I believed to have been a smart person spout some of the dumbest, most-conspiracy-theory shit I’ve ever heard instantly turned me off of wasting any more time with her. It was a level of stupid that was just too much for both my brain and my penis.

And for many single people out there now, Republican positions that slight women and scapegoat people of color as part of an overall support of the Trump presidency is a level of stupid too far. This has been a problem for lonely conservatives seeking love since even before Trump assumed the presidency. According to a survey done by the dating/hookup app Tinder, 71% of online daters and 66% of singles who meet up the old-fashioned way in person consider conflicting political ideologies a dealbreaker for a relationship. About a year ago, Politico reported on young staffers in the Trump administration who claimed they had to hide their affiliation with the president when talking to potential dates. A 31-year-old female official was quoted as saying her experience with dating apps usually ended badly “very, very frequently,” with one possible match asking her: “Do you rip babies from their mothers and then send them to Mexico?” after he learned she worked in the administration.

As with all things, instead of this reaction giving conservatives pause, taking a moment of self-reflection, and wondering whether maybe they’re the “baddies,” the people on the right instead whine about “discrimination” because people swiped left, paint themselves as victims of “intolerant” so-called-tolerant liberals, and wall themselves off in their own gated communities. In this case, the gated communities are dating apps meant to appeal only to conservatives.

So what exactly does a conservative dating app look like?

Sen. Cory Gardner touts ode to his ‘effectiveness’ written up by his own party chair? Weak

What part of this story is more pathetic: That a Colorado newspaper published an op-ed from the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party praising Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner for his “most bipartisan and effective” representation of even state Democrats and independents, or that Gardner approvingly tweeted out the gaslighting effort?


“Sen. Gardner has and will remain an effective voice for Republicans, Unaffiliateds and Democrats in Colorado.” Read more from @cologop Chairman @BuckForColorado in the @ColoradoSun here: https://t.co/CedgBdlN7P

— Cory Gardner (@CoryGardner) June 17, 2019