Hackers Can Now Bypass Two-Factor Authentication With a New Kind of Phishing Scam

Two-factor authentication, the added security step that requires people enter a code sent to their phone or email, has traditionally worked to keep usernames and passwords safe from phishing attacks. However, security experts have demonstrated an automated phishing attack that can cut through that added layer of security—also called 2FA—potentially tricking unsuspecting users into sharing […]

Renault Slows Its Roll Toward Merger With Fiat Chrysler

Renault’s board postponed a decision on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ proposed merger, extending discussions for a second day after its partner Nissan Motor put up resistance to the deal. Directors of the French automaker “decided to continue to study with interest the opportunity of such a combination and to extend the discussions,” Renault’s board said Tuesday […]

A Holdout on the CVS-Aetna Deal: Brainstorm Health

Another day, another massive data breach. Medical testing giant Quest Diagnostics is warning that some 12 million consumers’ personal medical and financial information may have been breached via an unauthorized user’s access to a third party vendor. The information could potentially include banking, medical, and Social Security data, the company says. “Quest Diagnostics takes this […]

French Health Ministry Announces Plans for Medical Cannabis ‘Experimentation’

France is taking tentative steps towards the legalization of medical marijuana. The Senate voted by a large majority to approve the use of experimental medical cannabis for two years, which should make it available to 300,000 to one million patients, according to advocacy groups. When and the country’s health ministry approves the plan, there will […]

Curiosity Finds Mars Clay That Points Toward Watery Past

Curiosity snapped this selfie May 12, 2019; to the left of the rover are its two recent two drill sites, “Aberlady” and “Kilmarie.” (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS) Finding the conditions to support life on Mars is the main goal for NASA’s Curiosity rover, and a new discovery of clay could be leading the rover on the right […]

ESA Draws Up Plans to Bring Back a Sample From Mars

A sample return mission would require multiple launches and grabbing samples out of Mars’ orbit. (Credit: ESA/ATG Medialab) NASA isn’t the only space agency with a hunger for the Red Planet. The European Space Agency would also like to snatch samples from Mars, and now they’re making their own plans for a mission that will […]

The Oscars of Fashion Honors Lady Gaga’s Designer Brandon Maxwell

Couturiers and their celebrity muses gathered Monday night at the Brooklyn Museum for the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America awards, the industry’s version of the Oscars, where honorees included actress Jennifer Lopez, designer Bob Mackie, and Barbie. Lada Gaga’s designer Brandon Maxwell claimed the CFDA Award for Womenswear Designer of the Year. The […]

Customs and Border Protection Seizes $1.4 Million Worth of Marijuana in Texas

The World Trade Bridge between the United States and Mexico is one of the most secure and fortified ports of entry along the US southern border. But drug traffickers still smuggle the majority of illicit drugs through official ports of entry like the one in Laredo. Sometimes, they get caught. On Tuesday, Customs and Border […]

WWDC 2019 Featured the Most Important Apple Developer Keynote in Recent Memory

Apple did something at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 keynote on Monday that it hadn’t done effectively in years: produced a compelling event. Over two hours on Monday, company executives talked about important updates to Apple’s operating systems that will have a real impact on how people use them. Apple also unveiled a pricey […]