Mitch McConnell Reassures Hannity: Don Jr. Subpoena Will ‘Have a Happy Ending’

Days after calling for the end of the “Groundhog Day spectacle” of Trump investigations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reassured a fraught Sean Hannity on Thursday night that Senate Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr’s (R-NC) subpoena of Donald Trump Jr. was no big deal. Noting that McConnell had declared “case closed” on the Mueller report, […]

D.C. Court of Appeals disbars Paul Manafort

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Cindy McCain is passionate about issues, not politics, and doesn’t plan on leading any resistance against President Trump, she told The Washington Post in an interview published Thursday. The widow of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who died last year of brain cancer, reflected on Trump’s treatment of her husband; he mocked McCain’s […]

Valerie Plame, Famed Ex-CIA Operative, Announces Run for Congress in New Mexico

(SANTA FE, N.M.) — Former CIA operative Valerie Plame has decided to run for the Democratic nomination to an open congressional seat in New Mexico, taking on an already crowded field in a heavily Democratic district in the northern part of the state. Plame told The Associated Press on Thursday that she wants to give […]

From space, spring storminess looks like a boiling cauldron of atmospheric stew

And the stew is now boiling more vigorously: Heavy precipitation events have grown stronger and more frequent over the long run Growth of a supercell thunderstorm over the Texas Panhandle, as seen in an animation of images from the GOES-16 weather satellite. (Source: RAMMB/CIRA) With big, boiling thunderstorms spewing hail and spawning tornadoes in the Southern Plains and […]

Trump: 17 Repeats in 17 Hours

Over the course of 17 hours, President Donald Trump repeated 17 false and misleading claims that we have written about since he became president. Trump began with an evening rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, on May 8, that lasted more than an hour, and followed it up a day later with an impromptu afternoon press […]

Questions about Denver’s decriminalization of magic mushrooms? We have your answers

Unofficial election results show Denver voters narrowly approved Initiative 301, decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms. If military and overseas ballots don’t change that, Denver will become the first city in the country to decriminalize psilocybin, the key compound in psychedelic mushrooms. That has led to national headlines, strong opinions and serious speculation. It has also led to […]

Attorneys General from 33 States Call for Passage of Cannabis Banking Bill

Attorneys general from 33 states and five federal territories called for passage of a bill pending in the U.S. Congress that would allow legal cannabis businesses access to the banking industry. In a letter sent to congressional leaders on Wednesday, the National Association of Attorneys General called for the approval of the Secure and Fair […]

Jeff Bezos Wants to Deliver You to the Moon

A little less than half a century ago, a pair of NASA astronauts packed up their geological samples after three days of roving and returned to Earth in the Apollo 17 lunar module. It was the last time that a human walked on the moon. Now the world’s wealthiest man, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff […]

In Antarctica, Where Penguins Poop, Life Blooms

Adelie penguin colony in Antarctica. The species is one of three observed for the study. (Credit: Goldilock Project/Shutterstock) Penguins love company — some colonies of the flightless bird boast numbers over 1 million. And with squads that can run that deep, you can be sure they make a mess of things, if you know what […]