It’s Deadline Day for Trump’s Tax Returns and Mnuchin Isn’t Budging

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declined to meet congressional Democrats’ Wednesday deadline to provide President Donald Trump’s tax returns, asking for more time to study the legality of their request. Trump has refused to release his returns since he ran for president, and the clash over their release became a key front in the battles between […]

Brainstorm Health: Sanders Medicare for All Bill, Genomics and Pharma, Insulin Costs

Hello and happy hump day, readers. It’s somewhat of an open secret that big pharma’s ROI has been plunging over the past decade. Historically, drug development is a risky business, with about 90% of treatment candidates never actually reaching the market. In the face of those dire realities, biopharma companies have increasingly resorted to a […]

Native American Reservation Becomes First in Michigan to Legalize Cannabis

The Bay Mills Indian Community in Michigan legalized recreational cannabis on Monday, making it the first Native American reservation in the state to do so. Under the ordinance passed by the Bay Mills Executive Council, the possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana for personal use by adults 21 and older are now legal on the reservation located […]

More Family Separation Spin

Last year, the Trump administration announced a “zero tolerance” border policy that resulted in children being separated from their parents who were detained for entering the U.S. illegally. Yet President Donald Trump recently claimed that “President Obama separated the children. …  I’m the one that stopped it.” The suggestion that there was a similar policy […]

The Deficit Is Growing Far Faster Than Predicted

The Treasury Department issued its monthly report on receipts and outlays of the government and, for deficit hawks, the news is not good. Money is flowing out far faster than it is coming in. The first six months of the federal government’s fiscal year, which runs from October through September, saw the annual deficit already […]

Arkansas Bill Seeks to Limit Advertising of Medical Marijuana Products

As the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries gear up to open their doors, Arkansas legislators have been pondering just how they’ll be able to advertise their wares. On Tuesday, Governor Asa Hutchinson will be passing a bill that would curtail the places and people to which medical marijuana businesses are allowed to market. Central among […]

3 Reasons Why the Second Falcon Heavy Launch Is a Make-or-Break Moment for SpaceX

In the space travel battle, there’s no margin for error. And when SpaceX launches its Falcon Heavy for the second time on Wednesday, that fact will perhaps be clearer than ever. Barring unforeseen weather issues or other problems, SpaceX will launch its Falcon Heavy rocket with an onboard Arabsat-6A communications satellite at 6:35 p.m. ET […]

Missouri Will Not Make Effort to Help Minority-Owned Medical Cannabis Businesses

Missouri hasn’t even begun to review applications from businesses looking to participate in its new medical marijuana program. But the state health department has already announced that it will not implement any measures or programs to boost minority-owned medical cannabis businesses. Two Democratic state lawmakers have each introduced bills that would compel the health department […]

Mars’ Methane Mystery Deepens with New Spacecraft Data

ExoMars hunted in vain for methane in Mars’ atmosphere. (Credit: ESA/ATG medialab) The European Space Agency’s ExoMars spacecraft failed to find any traces of methane on the Red Planet during its hunt from April to August of 2018. This goes directly against recent positive reports of methane by ESA’s own Mars Express spacecraft and NASA’s Curiosity rover, […]