Ethereum Cofounder Says Blockchain Presents ‘Governance Crisis’

Charles Hoskinson believes blockchains are ushering in a new era for both business and government administration, one defined by a peculiarly unprecedented quality: leaderless-ness. The cofounder of the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, two of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency networks, dropped by Fortune’s Balancing The Ledger studio to voice his concerns about his peers venturing […]

How Eric Swalwell Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

And then there were 16.<a class="espn-footnote-link" data-footnote-id="1" href="" data-footnote-content=" According to FiveThirtyEight’s definition of a major candidate. “>1 On Monday night, U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell of California announced in an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that he was joining the Democratic melee for president. Swalwell is a long-shot candidate whose bid may […]

Apple AirPower Is Vapor, but These 4 Wireless Chargers Are the Real Deal

In September 2017, Apple announced a product that many Apple enthusiasts had been waiting for: AirPower. The wireless charging device was touted as being able to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously, and allow the devices to communicate with each other to manage power consumption. Apple said the Airpower charging mat would be […]

A Beautiful Look at a Hostile Planet

A jaguar with its fresh kill on a river bank in Brazil’s Pantanal. Jaguars hunt crocs? Who knew? (Credit: National Geographic/Adrian Seymour) One of the great challenges in searching for life on other planets is that we still have so much to learn about life on our own Earth. Amazingly, that is true not only […]

The Human Brain Has been Getting Smaller Since the Stone Age

(Credit: Discover magazine; Tory Kallman/Shutterstock and Hein Nouwens/Shutterstock, after Die Frau als Hausarztin (1911)) I don’t mean to alarm you, but the average human brain size is shrinking. And we can’t blame reality T.V. or twitter. No, this decline began tens of thousands of years ago. It’s something of a well-known secret among anthropologists: Based on […]

Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization

Gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen called for the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana in Kentucky on Monday. Under the plan, possession of less than half an ounce of cannabis would be charged as a civil offense, similar to a traffic violation, and subject to a fine of up to $100. Currently, possession of cannabis is […]

Analysis of 4 Million Pitches Reveals Umps Really Do Suck at Calling Strikes

(Credit: Richard Paul Kane/Shutterstock) Baseball is back, and fans can anticipate another season of amazing catches, overpowering pitching, tape-measure home runs – and, yes, controversial calls that lead to blow-ups between umpires and players. Home plate umpires are at the heart of baseball; every single pitch can require a judgment call. Yet ask any fan […]

Brainstorm Health: Brain Stimulation, GSK HIV Drug, Telemedicine and Antibiotics

FDA approves Glaxo’s two-drug HIV regimen. The Food and Drug Administraiton (FDA) on Monday approved British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline’s pioneering two-drug combo therapy to treat a form of HIV. “Currently, the standard of care for patients who have never been treated is a three-drug regimen. With this approval, patients who have never been treated have […]

Weak Electrical Currents Can Restore Working Memory In Older Adults

(Credit: Arkela/shutterstock) It’s not just you. As you age, it gets harder to remember the digits of a phone number, or calculate how much tip to leave without resorting to an app. Our so-called “working memory” is responsible for keeping this kind of information at the forefront of the mind. And it fades with age. Now researchers have found that […]