No Charges for Police Who Shot 22-Year-Old California Man

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Two Sacramento police officers won’t face criminal charges for the fatal shooting of a black man following a chase that ended in his grandparents’ yard and started a series of angry protests that roiled California’s capital city, the county’s top prosecutor announced Saturday following a nearly yearlong investigation. Officers Terrance Mercadal […]

40 Years Ago, <em>Norma Rae</em> Understood How Corporations Weaponized Race

The most enduring image of the film Norma Rae, which was released 40 years ago, is surely Sally Field’s titular character silently standing on a table, holding up a cardboard sign with the word union scrawled on it. One by one, her fellow factory workers shut off their deafening textile machines in solidarity. The climactic […]

Where Has All the Ransomware Gone? Cybercriminals Prefer ‘Cryptojacking’

In the world of digital thievery, a business model pivot is apparently underway. Over the past year cybercriminals have shifted their focus from ransomware attacks to so-called cryptojacking. That’s the marquee finding out of a new threat report published by IBM this week: Instances of the former money-making scheme were down 45% in 2018, while […]

Donald Trump, onetime freedom-of-speech skeptic, wants to protect speech on campus

Donald Trump announced plans today (March 2) to position himself as a staunch defender of freedom of speech. In a freewheeling address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the US president said he would soon sign an executive order that would block colleges and universities from attaining federal research grants unless they guarantee free speech […]

America’s Trucker Shortage Is About to Hit Consumers Where It Hurts

America’s trucker shortage is about to hit consumers right where it hurts: in the kitty litter. McDonald’s Corp.’s long-time distributor Martin-Brower Co. is raising delivery fees, imperiling low menu prices, and Procter & Gamble Co., Church & Dwight Co. and Hasbro Inc. are sounding the alarm that higher freight fees could be passed on to […]

President Trump: Some Serving in the U.S. Congress ‘Hate Our Country’

President Donald Trump outright said that certain members of Congress “hate” the United States during a two-hour speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. Trump spoke about immigration at length during his free-wheeling, off-the-cuff speech. He said that he would be in favor of people migrating to the United States, so long as […]

In Tech Race With China, U.S. Universities May Lose a Vital Edge

The U.S. is still out in front of global rivals when it comes to innovation, but American universities –- where new ideas often percolate –- have reason to look over their shoulder. That’s especially true for technologies like 5G phone networks and artificial intelligence. They’re exactly the fields where President Donald Trump recently insisted the […]

Ancient Romans etched penis graffiti as a symbol of luck and domination

The crude outline of a penis, though associated with juvenile humor these days, has long held deep symbolic meaning. So much so that archaeologists from Newcastle University discovered this week that ancient Roman workers etched an oversized penis into stone at a quarry near Hadrian’s Wall when they were stationed there in 207 AD. The […]