That Old Adage About Dogs Resembling Their Owners? New Research Suggests It’s True

It’s well known that human personalities change as we age. Now a detailed study of dog personalities indicates that our canine companions often go through remarkably similar changes during their lives—and our own personalities may be a key factor. Psychologists at Michigan State University published a paper this month in the Journal of Research in […]

AMC’s Answer to Moviepass, Stubs A-List, Just Added Another 100,000 Subscribers

Perhaps AMC stands for At the Movies Constantly. The film exhibitor announced Wednesday that, so far, 100,000 moviegoers have signed up this year for AMC Stubs A-List, the monthly flat-rate program that was launched in response to the popular but troubled MoviePass. According to The Hollywood Reporter, A-List now has a total of 700,000 members. […]

FactChecking Sanders’ CNN Town Hall

In a televised town hall, newly announced presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders repeated several misleading claims that we have written about in the past. Sanders said Trump sought to “throw 32 million people off of the health care they had.” But that figure includes some who would choose to no longer purchase insurance if the […]

Why It’s Been Snowing in the West, Even When Temps Were Above Freezing

Snow covers a Seattle sidewalk in this file photo. (Credit: Checubus/Shutterstock) The last time Jim Murphy saw snow in Los Angeles, he was 11 years old. It was December, 1968 — a week or so before holiday break — and the already unruly class was stirred into a frenzy when one sixth grader spotted the […]

Brainstorm Health: Liquid Biopsy, Sarepta Gene Therapy Deal, Novartis Cohen Testimony

Hello and happy hump day, readers. Let’s take a moment to talk about some things that don’t involve the words “Michael Cohen” (although, well, there’s also some relevant biopharma-Cohen crossover news, but more on that below). One of the life science sector’s more intriguing quests is to try and replace the traditional biopsy. Why cut […]

Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Allow School Nurses to Administer Medical Cannabis

Virginia lawmakers approved a bill last week that will allow school nurses in the state to administer medical cannabis to students on campus and at school events. The bill, SB1632, also protects students with the proper medical certification from suspension or expulsion for possessing THC-A or CBD oil. The bill was passed on February 23 in the […]

Darla Shine’s Measles Misinformation

Over a nearly 18-hour Twitter spree, Darla Shine, the wife of Bill Shine, President Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, made a series of false and misleading statements about measles and vaccines. Shine said to “bring back” childhood diseases because “they keep you healthy & fight cancer.” Childhood diseases, of course, make people […]