UN Drug Commission Delays THC Rescheduling at 61 Session in Vienna, Austria

The UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) failed to reschedule cannabis at the 61st Session in Vienna, Austria, last month, bucking the expectations of activists. Per an anticipated recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), many believed the CND would remove tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from Schedules I and IV, and make the cannabinoid a Schedule II, or perhaps […]

The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past

It’s my holiday tradition to bring tidings of discomfort and sorrow to my colleagues in the news business. One year ago, I described the media apocalypse coming for both digital upstarts and legacy brands. Vice and BuzzFeed had slashed their revenue projections by hundreds of millions of dollars, while The New York Times had announced […]

ECB’s Lautenschlaeger Sees Possible 2019 Rate Hike on Inflation

The European Central Bank may increase interest rates next year if inflation picks up, executive-board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio. While Lautenschlaeger “hopes and expects” there will be a rate change in 2019, it depends on the inflation data in the first and second quarter, she said in an excerpt […]

Porsche’s Tesla-Tackling Taycan Is 2019’s Most Anticipated Debut

The year 2018 was very good for the car industry. According to Cox Automotive, U.S. auto sales are expected to total 17.2 million units in this year, which is more than last year and the fourth year in a row to beat 17 million, finishing above the firm’s earlier forecasts. But I am already looking […]

The First Images From New Horizons’ Flyby of Ultima Thule Arrive This Morning

An artistic rendering of New Horizons when it flew by Pluto Image: NASA/APL New Horizons successfully “phoned home” at 10:28 a.m. EST, letting NASA scientists know all of its systems survived the flyby of Ultima Thule. The first real images will now slowly trickle in over the coming hours and days. “We have a healthy […]

10 Restaurants Open on New Year’s Day 2019

A night full of New Year’s Eve celebrations can leave you feeling extra hungry on the first day of the new year. Too tired to make a meal in the kitchen on New Year’s Day? Well you’re in luck—many fast food and sit down restaurants will be open and ready to serve their first dishes […]