Michael Cohen’s adviser claims Trump knew he would lie to Congress — and let him do it

If this allegation is true, it could be yet another serious problem for the president. President Donald Trump is already facing serious questions for allegedly directing both his personal attorney Michael Cohen and tabloid publisher American Media Inc. to make illegal campaign-related expenditures to cover up his sexual encounters with women. But there could be […]

#MeToo Proves Facebook’s Potential for Good, Global Policy Head Says

Monika Bickert has one of the toughest jobs at Facebook: overseeing content moderation on the site, which involves crafting and enforcing Facebook’s user policies. Deciding what counts as hate speech on the platform isn’t easy, even for a former federal criminal prosecutor turned Facebook head of global policy. And it’s a job that, when it […]

Marketing Departments’ Biggest Mistake? They Don’t Market Themselves

At some companies, marketing can be seen as a support function, secondary to the parts of the business that drive growth. But marketers can prove that’s not the case, says Dara Treseder, the new chief marketing officer of Carbon who just left GE for the 3D-printing startup. “Marketing is not just a support function,” Treseder […]

Why Startups Keep Raising Mega-Rounds of $100 Million (or More)

Silicon Valley is nothing if not an engine for trends, and the latest one? Funding rounds well into the nine digits. For Slack, the popular workplace chat service, it was a round of $427 million; for car-hailing platform Getaround, it was $300 million; for mobile bulk shopping startup Boxed, $111 million. Such “mega-rounds,” as they’re […]

How Does Google Treat Its Temp Workers? A Google Doc Reveals All, Report Shows

At Google, there are two classes of workers: full-time employees and a shadow workforce of thousands of contractors. In fact, (goog) Google’s Alphabet Inc. employs so many contractors that temporary hires outnumbered the company’s directly hired employees, according to a 2018 report. And now it’s being reported that an internal training document, seen by reporters […]

Scientists Are Trying to Breed Cannabis Plants With Consistent Cannabinoid Levels

Agriculture technology companies are competing to develop new strains of cannabis plants that can produce consistent cannabinoid levels and thus offer consumers repeatable, predictable effects. The goal is far from new—and likely ancient. Only now, top plant scientists are working toward it in multi-million dollar labs for massive retail cannabis companies, instead of underground breeders […]